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ECOSOL ® SERIES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate)
ECOSOL ® N 703

Trade name          : ECOSOL® N 703  

Identification       : Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate 

Other name
Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfate, Sodium Di-oxyethylene Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Diethoxysulfate

CAS Number        : 68585-34-2; 68891-38-3 

INCI name           : Sodium Laureth Sulfate Alcohols, C12-14, ethoxylated, sulfates, sodium salts (3 mole ethoxylated)





ECOSOL ® N 703 is a highly concentrated Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate derived from natural fatty alcohols. It is containing an average of 3 moles of ethylene oxide with optimum control of by-products during production process. The product is chemical unbleached and no addition of any preservatives.


ECOSOL ® N 703 is a biodegradable surfactant and Halal certified by The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI).








Pale Yellow Paste, free from contamination



No objectionable odour

Active Matter (MW : 422)


68.0 – 72.0

pH (5% aq. solution)


7.0 – 9.0

Colour (20% aq. solution, 50mm cell)


40 maximum

Unsulphated Matter


3.0 maximum

Sodium Sulphate


2.0 maximum

1,4 - Dioxane Content 


70 maximum



ECOSOL ® N 703 is used for the manufacture of liquid dishwashing and technical cleaning agents as well as liquid detergents. It has excellent cleaning performance, good foam characteristic, low impurity of 1,4-Dioxane content,  and the easy thickening with salt. ECOSOL ® N 703 also can be widely used in chemicals, textile, leather, petrochemicals and dyeing fields.

ECOSOL ® N 703 is also recommended used for personal care preparations such as shampoos, shower gels and foam baths.